You know it was a success when a roomful of over 120 people paid more attention to the program than the Braeben golf carts going by the window! So, first and foremost, many thanks to our co-host, the City of Mississauga, for spearheading such a learning opportunity in this critical area of the GTA where we see great potential for hydrogen to offer real and practical energy solutions.

We also deemed the day a success because HBC’s over-riding goal is to enable an emerging and self-sustaining community of product suppliers, system integrators, end users and supporting infrastructure.  June 13 brought out participants – many new to HBC – that represented every aspect of the hydrogen stakeholder community including industry representatives, government decision makers, energy agencies, researchers and students.

We like to think people always get their money’s worth at an HBC event. June 13 was no exception with six sessions led by over 25 presenters and speakers, some of them video-conferenced from BC, California and Europe. The program explored the entire suite of ‘clean’ hydrogen applications as part of a broader effort to reduce carbon emissions in Ontario.  A few highlights included:

  • Opening address from HBC and the City of Mississauga
  • The Business Case for Hydrogen as a ‘Clean’ Fuel for Trucks
  • Hydrogen Bus Fleets – what product is available on the market now
  • Hydrail – the Status and Highlights on Hydrogen Trains Here and Abroad
  • Keynote CHFCA Speaker – Canada as World Leader in Hydrogen Technology Development
  • Building the Hydrogen Ecosystem – the role for progressive communities
  • Cars, Fleets and Supporting Fueling Infrastructure
  • Developing Fixed Hydrogen Generation Projects – and how to fund them

By the way, if you were an attendee, you should have received an email that lets you access most of the event’s presentations. Let us know if you didn’t by contacting .